Corporate Sponsors

For a few years now the Victoria Conservatory of Music together with Cameron Izard Snell and other local businesses have partnered together in the global social movement Giving Tuesday. All donations collected this day help maintain the VCM’s children’s music programs and allow them to stay free and available to kids throughout Victoria.

At the VCM students learn life skills and explore creative and innovative ways to develop their unique musical talents. They are a music school with a solid classical music base, a cutting-edge contemporary reach with expertise in music technology, and they provide students with pathways to developing their talents in a direction that speaks to their passion. And donors help them make this all happen!

Learn more about the amazing programs and other offerings from the Victoria Conservatory of Music on their website.

Local partners

We are proud to support local businesses and the citizens and the communities of Greater Victoria. Our staff are involved in a number of community groups, projects and events throughout the Island and are proud to make a difference right at home.