Current Positions Open

Staff Accountant – We are always looking to add the right personality and skill set to our team so if you have a lot or a little experience with Canadian tax, US tax or both and are looking for a new opportunity, we would love to hear from you! Click here to apply as a Staff Accountant – Seasonal position.

Co-op – Every year we hire on 3-6 students to take part in our tax season rush – Canadian/US files, client communication and paperwork, everything you need to understand life as an accountant in public practice. Think of it like a year of experience in 4 months. Hiring for the 2024 tax season takes place in the fall/winter of 2023 and if this is something you are interested in, please click here. We would love to hear from you!

Articling Students – Becoming a CPA is more than just a set of courses – Its a balancing act and its your firm’s job to get you ready and support your journey. Being a student at CIS LLP means projects and opportunities designed to give you real world experience, an assigned mentor other than your manager to guide you through studying and exams, and comraderie with other students going through the same challenges as you. If you’re looking to start down the path and have done or are doing your pre-reqs, give us a shout through the link below! We typically have 3-4 students on our roster throughout the year with some writing their CFE each fall.

At CIS LLP we are dedicated to building an inclusive and authentic workplace, so if you’re excited about working with us but your experience doesn’t align perfectly with every qualification in our posted jobs, we encourage you to apply anyways by clicking here. You may be just the right candidate for a role we are thinking about.

Benefits to becoming one of our super cool staff members include....

Comprehensive Medical Benefits
  • Extended health care
  • Dental
  • Wellness spending
  • A lot more including emergency travel assistance, employee assistance programs and direct billing
RRSP Matching
  • Our RRSP matching is a % of earnings that increases the longer you are with us, so sit back and let your retirement savings grow
Fitness and Wellness Reimbursement
  • Reimbursment for fitness activities including memberships, lessons, workshops, courses and athletic equipment. Always wanted to try wakeboarding haven’t you? Ballet lessons? Rock climbing? Can I come?
Success Sharing Bonuses and Competitive Salaries
  • Annual bonuses based on the firm’s financial results – Each bonus is calculated based on a combination of your position in the firm and your contribution to our work
  • Extensive research into salary not just based on position but also location and reflective to the market
3-4 Weeks Vacation Allotment
  • Amount alloted depends on position and length of employment
  • Restrictions on vacation time around tax season (Feb-May) but otherwise your time is your time!
Overtime Accrual
  • No cap and staff are free to cash it out or spend it on vacation time, you earned it! Use it!
Flexible Scheduling
  • Robust WFH options
  • Firm is closed on Fridays in July/August and between Christmas and New Year’s with no impact to your Vacation/OT/Salary
  • Daily start/end times adjustable based on personal need and position. Sometimes a little flexibility can make all the difference!
Personal Time Bank
  • Sick/Medical leave – Got the sniffles? Stay home! Have a doctor’s appointment? Dentist? Physio? take some time without stressing.
  • Family Care Leave – Daycare or school closed for the day? Spouse needs a ride to the doctor? Someone in the family needs care for a couple of days? We get it.
Professional Development
  • Courses, Fees and Exams – Covered entirely by the firm.
  • Robust training opportunities and course libraries that expand your skills in any direction – Ever heard the phrase: a rising tide lifts all boats? it means the more training and skills our team collects, the more skilled the firm.